The British Exit : Brexit

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Recently our twitter accounts were flooded with the Brexit hashtag. if this was a social media campaign it would have scored a rating of 11/10. However, itis not that simple.

How to Make AWESOME Product/Service Presentations

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Knock their socks off with AWESOME product/service presentations! If you have cool ideas, and you want your name to spread like wild fire in the minds and hearts of your target audience, here’s how to do it in 3 simple steps:  1) Unleash your product /service with a twistCreate a little suspense, make your audience eager to know what you will be unveiling. Keep them on their toes and they will be yearning for more. If it’s a new app, don’t let them know about what it does…drop a little hint here and there.

Innovation is All You Need to Rule the World

It’s no secret that the world keeps changing every day. That someone somewhere is coming up with another wacky idea that could change the present moment. It all begins with an idea stemming from the need to JUST change things or make something better. All these ideas, from spaceships to rockets to satellites to smartphones to robots, all started out as ideas, and they all started out with one simple concept; INNOVATION! This simple concept is the biggest secret in any  successful technology, a secret that is hidden in plain sight for everyone to see!

How to be AWESOME online

The minute you open your laptop or phone or any other internet connected device, you cease to live in the real world. Your life changes from real to virtual, and like in any world you need ways of surviving in it. Better yet, YOU need to be AWESOME at it! Here are a few tips to get you through the online world and get to be the best virtual human:1.Be Yourself, Know YourselfThe virtual world is filled with so many personas that you can easily get lost in, and lose who you are. Some people surf through the internet not knowing what they really want.

Shut up and take my money;the power of crowdfunding

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The financial risks involved in developing a new product are numerous. Ranging from taking out loans or sacrificing you retirement’s savings, which all require YOUR own capital. But with technology comes new ways of alternative investors to your projects, such as crowdfunding.Crowdfunding is now a new way to test, validate and get feedback on your project ideas.

Microsoft To Start Flipping the Bird On Users

So Microsoft’s decided to spice up their emoji dictionary with a new middle finger design that lets you flip the bird virtually.  So does this mean our freedom of expression has gone beyond the simple angry devil emoji, to an expression that signifies so much more than annoyance? Is it too rude and obscene? Well, that answer will be left to users, who apparently have been waiting for this emoji. In all honesty, emojis will soon make us all go mute if nothing is done to control the diversity of emojis. Who will need words, when you have emojis…

Dawn of the Drones... the IFOs (Identified Flying Objects)

From the scary stories of UFO’s (unidentified flying objects) to the flying objects we now confidently call drones,  comes an era of technological advancements set to change the world. Noise pollution aside, the humming noise that will soon cloud our skies has benefits that will undoubtedly save the world.

Big Data’s Watching…

Some people live their lives looking back over their shoulders, we call them paranoid and can’t help but mock their insecurities. But what if…there’s something watching, or someone…