by Joy June 30th, 2016 0 comments

Recently our twitter accounts were flooded with the Brexit hashtag. if this was a social media campaign it would have scored a rating of 11/10. However, itis not that simple.

Some people did not even know what Brexit was until the referendum vote was passed in favour of the exit. Markets do not like uncertainty and neither do human beings. An investor with millions of shares in pounds is a worried man at this point in time. A start up that is looking into having that investor put in some investment is also a worried person. It all is really the ripple effect trickling down from the top of the food chain to the bottom. A student in the UK that had planned a trip into Europe will have to halt their plans because no one is very sure whether after the exit UK residents will be allowed to travel into the European Union member state countries without a visa as was the case. As much as many people think that David Cameron is to blame because of calling for a referendum, there is only so much that can be done at this point in time.

There is a very slight chance that the poll results will not result in actual exit. It is quite interesting to note that many citizens of UK googled what the European Union is after they had already cast their vote. Many people tend to think that the voting system is broken but as it towns out these results seemed accurate to a fault. When asked what they would do different, many voters said that they would vote to stay.


The impact of this decision is obviously going to be felt in the geo-political landscape. We must sit and think before we make any decisions. It is clear that sometimes, you only get one chance & it seems that Britain already has their work cut out for them.